Chewing Through a Munch.

I know that when I write I tend to sound very Strict, regimented and “upper class”. I try to be articulate and I have a vocabulary that lets me be, but I thought tonight a much more informal and “off the cuff” post was necessary, I Can’t sound like a hard ass all the time ๐Ÿ˜‰ . So here’s my thoughts reactions, and observations on my First ever munch.

Tonight was going to be hard, on both of us… Dot and I are by nature both introverts, she much more so than I. I am capable of Turning my personality up… it sounds weird, but thats the best way to describe it, I’m still me, I just crank the volume on that sonofabitch up to 11 and charge ahead.

So, that’s what I did, and had to do tonight. Dot dreads meeting new people and large crowds, I can handle them much better, So I’m her buffer, her mouth piece and her rock if she needs whatever she needs I will be for her.

Prior to our going to the munch we talked it over and established a Protocol for the evening – She was to address me as Sir if the need arose to do so, however was free to use my name and be herself in all other ways – like Syn and I enjoy, etc (for the sake of objectivity and anonymity when I would use our every day names I’ll refer to Dot and I by our online persona’s). Having talked it over We will be migrating to a more Protocol, etiquette and service oriented dynamic, she needs and requires structure, and it will make me a better Sir, partner and overall person to incorporate that into my life as well.

So, with Protocols in place, I took a shower, wanting to match the care and consideration She took picking an outfit, and doing her hair and light make up – read mascara and lip gloss, which only serves to make her already beautiful features stand out.ย  While I was showering I asked Dot to lay out a button down shirt for me, She chose one of her favorites, and a shirt for under that was acceptable to wear if I got hot and had to take the button down off, a very thoughtful gesture.

So, hair done and business casual attire in place we headed to a local mall close to the munch to kill some time window shopping – it relaxes her to window shop and it was good for Us to just be a vanilla couple leading up to a lifestyle event, it centered me, and I am sure her as well….we even ran into her peer who we bullshitted with for a bit, which allowed her to embrace her Alpha vanilla personality a bit, which I think also helped her. coincidental meeting for the win!

After a small coffee and a cigarette for me – yes I still smoke, quitting is still a Work in progress, it was off to the munch – early as we both believe early is better no matter what we’re doing, we both HATE being late.

My impressions of the Munch ? Well we had met with two of the community leaders the day prior in a completely social setting, so we had a “soft” introduction to the group – I already knew one half of the couple in a completely vanilla way so itย  eased a lot of the trepidation of going in cold.

Dot also knew one other person at the munch who was her subordinate at work at one point…I’m pretty sure her jaw hit the floor when she saw us sitting there as she walked in. Surprise ! and guess what ? Syn is the Dom…I am still chuckling, her expression was worth the price of admission alone ๐Ÿ˜‰

Over all I am happy with the albeit small community – we obviously have a core group of people that are passionate and friendly, it was definitely interesting to see the collective that Kink, BDSM and all the other fetishes under the rainbow bring together, a very diverse group that did, in my opinion over all make us feel very welcome. Oh, and the Draw ๐Ÿ˜‰ they were holding a raffle for a couple of toys which we entered… so next Munch we might be the proud owners of a a beautiful new Dragon tail – woot.

Our night was indeed cut short as Dot being the boss at work had to be in at a respectable hour and we needed to eat – it was being held at a restaurant of sorts but we have some (self imposed) dietary restrictions that we adhere to for the most part.

We held Our “debrief” over Steaks (Rare and near to mooing thanks) and just sat with one another depressurizing I was very very Pleased with my little fae, her anxiety was in check… for the most part as long as I was near her, and I only had to stop her Fidgeting once, which was a simple glance and rearrangement of where I placed my hands. I could not have asked for a more elegant and composed partner/sub and other half… I say partner first because she is ALWAYS Dot first and foremost, a person, indeed the most important person to me, if I refer to her as “my Sub” or what have you, it is a descriptor like calling her a brunette.

I do wonder what the community as a whole thought of us… part in vanity, and part in hoping I represented my little fae as a Good Dom. We are an extension of one another after all.

So I sit here, writing this, as part of my way to depressurize with my Metal playlist Cranked in the background, yes, Rob Zombie can be soothing in the right Circumstances. My little fae just checked in with me over IM so I know she’s at work and probably neck deep in orders, which is likely just as therapeutic when you combine it with her MP3 player which I have a feeling in jammed in her ear.

Over all thoughts on the night, I am mentally tired, but happy. As a couple I think we were Polite, and gave them decent insight into who and what we are as a couple… I look forward to the next event, it should be more Fluid, and less.. nerves for both of us.

I could ramble on, but I think I’ll cut it off here and start assembling my thoughts for that Post on etiquette and our protocols I mentioned last post.




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