Come, walk with me.

Last Night was a night of firsts for me and my little fae, we’ve mutually agreed and started along the path we’ve discussed and last night W/we took our first step.

After work she came by to spend the night and we spent the first little bit discussing her day, my day and assorted other things…I’ll spare you the details, but eventually my portion of the conversation turned to my Pouring over of The Upper Floor House Doctrine. Now Dot is (was) intimately familiar with it and I’ve been reading it incessantly. The full Slave protocol is pretty much what we’re envisioning for high protocol events minus the presentation for sexual service and related points. Although we are both exhibitionists to a degree, with the way we play, train and interact on that level as Sir and Submissive is entirely too raw and vulnerable to share in public for us for the time being, and perhaps forever, but things change so we shall keep an open mind.

Our scene Started easily enough, with her and I engaged in some foreplay, and my only thought was ok, here we go. I set her a task to Strip the bed and prepare it… and then to put her training collar on and assume the waiting position at the foot of the bed (position 1 in the house doctrine). Now, I know it’s been a long time since Dot has had to Assume the different positions, so, being a Good sir, I decided to have her hold each position to start the muscle memory flowing. I was very very proud of my little fae, she remembered all but one Pose immediately! Once my little fae was Finished I had her re-assume the waiting position, and had a small talk about how we were going to achieve our goals of being a better Sir and His little fae.

Our real training begins in one week. During the next week her homework is thus – copy/paste onto a flashdrive (geek stick)  or otherwise take said rules to work, and in between regular work and her writing assignments, she is to memorize the House Doctrine, and be able to quickly and efficiently recall the information. Now Dot is not a Sponge like me, she is mostly a hands on practical application type of girl so our next training session will consist of going over the positions again, along with a few other things that I don’t want to ruin the surprise of for her ;). Truth be told this is a HUGE step for me, as she is my first ever sub, and I desperately do not want to fuck this up. So, as she has homework, so do I.

I will learn the doctrine as well as I am able, so that I can correct/advise and guide her how better to serve me, and in doing so this will become as much a learning experience for her as it is me, learning how to guide, fairly enforce rules and apply those for us both (with her input) to All of our protocol levels. Now this may seem harsh to other subs or new dom’s… BUT we have high expectations for U/us and we will aim high, and shoot for the best we can do.

So, how am I feeling ? Truth be told, I -am- a little scared which is normal I think and probably something ALL new Dom’s go through (maybe experienced ones too), I’m responsible now, for not only my education, but in a way I am responsible for hers too… I have to guide and teach her to serve me better, and in turn growing and learning with me. I’m excited too, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t, I crave new experiences, and this most certainly is one. The other prevailing emotion is definitely Love, I would not have the courage to do this if I did not love my little fae with every ounce of my being, she has shown me so much, and been such a good girl up until now. Patience, Caring, love, and gently (in her way) guiding me to realize I’m not a freak, I’m normal… together W/we are our own  special brand of normal, and that’s all that matters.

It’s all a learning curve, this part of my journey is just beginning, and MY education as a Sir, while already underway – just got catapulted into overdrive.

Walk with me my little fae, you are safe, loved, treasured, and I will face whatever comes our way tall, strong and determined, for you.

For YOU.

For U/us.

Regards and enjoy your weekend A/all,




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