As Long as I’m with Her.

So! Valentines day…

Some love it, some hate it. Personally I hate it less than I used to, Dot and I do not get hung up on the whole traditional Chocolates, Roses, Gold and jewelry…


Dot got me a Vanilla MasterCard to Purchase a Premium membership to The Upper, some Reese’s PB cups (my Chocolate Kryptonite) and A lovely kink related card.

She really gets me. 😀 I am beyond ecstatic at the premium membership not only because – Hey Porn! BUT it is an informational Jackpot for our D/s Dynamic. A real Functional Look into a 24/7 environment based on protocol, and Etiquette.  This will allow me to be a better Sir for her and that is the greatest gift I could ask for this Valentines day. I will say – entering the info I have had the vanilla MC declined twice…but no service charge thus far…so I am hoping it is just taking time to associate my postal code with the account….I’ll try again tomorrow. 🙂

In saying all that, the remainder of this post is for her.

I said a little to you on our vanilla Facebook profiles, but I want you to know, Before I met you my little fae, I don’t know how I ever thought that THAT was living, you have shown me the value of so much. From the power of Submission and Dominance and how it can Bring us Closer, as our Mutual Friend said today, that red Line with you on one side and me on the other is drawing us closer and closer….we are naturally becoming more O/one soul than ever…. you asked if I was OK with it, and I am…. before U/us I was so adamant about being myself….and with you I can be….utterly and completely and that is what is binding us closer. Our Dynamic is something I wouldn’t trade for the world, we have our Local community confused as fuck about us I think…. but our brand of D/s is unique, Fluid and just feels natural, it’s not forced, it’s own animal, Alive, changing and evolving daily.

I love our sense of humor you can make me laugh, and your energy plays so well with mine, encouraging, coaxing, testing and keeping me on guard…. you have no Idea how much I value how well my inner Sadist and your Inner Masochist play together, and not just physically, mentally as well we can constantly push each other to think, consider and evaluate…. I love your Mind, our light and dark dance together so well.

I love the way you have allowed me to be in the kids lives, making a positive impact in your youngest’s life means the world to me, I may never get to know my son, but in some small way even though I am not her father, you have given me the gift of having an impact in helping make her the woman she is today. I am honored to have been able to be a positive role-model in her life, for that there is no words, and I am a better Man because of it.

You my little fae have shown me, through submission the most vulnerable part of your soul. As your Dominant – I promise to love, honor, cherish the gift you have given me. I promise to learn how better to not only accept your submission, but foster and nurture it. I promise to Protect you with every fiber of my soul and every breath in my body, Along this road I will show you my dark secrets, I will bare my soul in kind to you. Never will I take it for granted, I will always keep it close to my heart, protected, safe and loved. I can’t promise it will be easy, but As you have given me all of you, I will return the gift, you deserve no less.

As your Sir, I Promise that I will learn from you, as much as I can how to better care for you, and help you see exactly what it is I see when I look at you.

I see before me my best friend, my lover, my conscience, my voice of reason.

I see before me my little fae, my good girl, my little slut, my little whore.

I see before me A soul I have known many lifetimes over, A moment of A life lived together as one, a soul that whispers, shouts, and holds mine closer day by day.

I see you my little fae.

I see my soul mate.

I love you.

Always and eternally yours,




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