Holiday’s, Limits, and Vanilla life.

I’m going to be indisposed this week…

My little fae is on holiday’s! I love her holidays, it gives us much more time together, and honestly it shows me a Closer glimpse of what the future holds for us. Being together as much as we are when she’s not working allows us time to do Vanilla couple stuff – Get Groceries, have a home cooked meal together, watch some TV… pretty unexciting BDSM-wise BUT it means the world to me.

Already this week we’ve spent some time visiting her Family and she got to see a, aunt she hasn’t seen in 10 years…We’ve talked non-stop, even after 5 years we could talk 6 hours a day and not think a thing of it…and still do on weekends, apparently this is odd according to a Close mutual friend who said – I don’t think I’ve talked to my husband a TOTAL of 6 hours since we’ve been married (this is over exaggeration on her part, just a bit). We had a play date and discovered a few Soft limits weren’t really limits at all. For either of us.

I have also discovered a couple of things in the BDSM arena.

My little fae is NOT a delicate thing that I have to be extremely careful with, she will not break… I was always worried because in the past while messing around I hurt someone in a completely vanilla setting, but it has always made me mindful of my own strength and perhaps without realizing it a self imposed Limit. I’ve found out that my little fae Enjoys pain….A lot…together we call her a Pain Slut…but that has a negative connotation for most, (not us) so as far as we are concerned she is simply a masochist when we speak publicly…She will not misbehave just for punishment…the psychological aspect of punishment pretty much denies her the pleasure she would otherwise get.

Good to know.

Take care of yourselves this week, I’ll be back maybe later this week, maybe next.




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