From the bottom ? Perspective is Everything.

Earlier tonight Dot and I went to a Bi-weekly coffee and a member innocuously made a comment after Dot said something.


Dot is Fiercely submissive to me, and the comment revolved around her topping me from the bottom. I am ok with people thinking this, quite frankly I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks, I know differently. Well, maybe not OK with it, however people will believe whatever they want.

Dot is an Alpha personality, and can dominate just about anyone she sets her mind to, so people naturally assume she cannot be -that- submissive in private. I too am a strong personality, and I don’t think (for me) I could respect the submission of someone that did not have an outward strength that can rival, if not surpass mine.

In public, including lifestyle events, Dot and I are absolute jackasses to each other, we are constantly testing wills, wits and doing our best to just have FUN with each other. Now in a place where Protocol is of paramount importance or where I require a higher level of attentiveness from her, she will immediately become a model submissive. MY model submissive. We train for a a reason you know.

She knows well enough I value her submission above all, and always have her, and our best interests in mind.

To me it doesn’t matter what people outside our dynamic think, however before passing judgement on what you think you see in another dynamic, look very hard at your own and wonder what others see….is it really all cut and dried ? or do others not see something ?

My little fae went rather alpha today in her post earlier tonight on the same subject, which I will let speak for itself.

D/s is all a matter of perspective, I see clearly from my vantage point, and when I look both down and beside me, I see my Dot, my little fae, my submissive, and my life partner, I don’t need anything else.





One response to “From the bottom ? Perspective is Everything.

  1. You will always have my Loyalty ❤ I do not want to be anywhere else but with You.. and will defend U/us with all that I have. I love You, Sir.

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