Today the Glass Was Full.

Often times as a community of people focused on D/s relationships I see many many blogs, fetlife posts, and meme’s that talk about large sweeping topics, from sub drop to Punishments and dealing with the mental aspect of living this lifestyle. Well, today I found something simple that made me smile, and it got me thinking about the little things we tend to ignore or take for granted.

Today my water glass was full.

Let me give you some context. A while ago during training I mentioned to my little fae, that I would like for the water glass I keep in my bathroom to be filled if she noticed it empty when she went to use my washroom. I am not unrealistically asking her to constantly go out of her way to do so, just a task that I could implement for her to as she put it, “Make my Sir’s life more comfortable”. So early this morning when she realized her multitude of kids locked up the house, and she didn’t have her key, rather than wake them up she snuck into bed with me, I woke up to her snuggling up to me and I was beyond overjoyed, half awake she said she would nap with me for a couple of hours until she had to take one of the kids to work, so I wrapped her up in my arms and quite blissfully drifted off again.

She woke at 10 and I got out of bed to see her out the door, it being a Saturday morning she had likely just finished around 8AM (an almost 11 hour shift for her), so I know well enough I won’t be hearing from her for a few hours yet (it’s currently 4PM). After I kissed her goodbye and she was gone, I passed back out until my alarm woke me up about 3 hours later. I dragged my ass out of bed, fed the cat and headed for the shower. As I took my Dom pendant off and set it on my counter I noticed my glass (which I emptied before bed) was full. My little fae had left her clothes in the bathroom when she got here, to minimize the amount of cat hair from my fuzzy child, and in doing so realized my glass was empty and filled it.

That one Simple act had me smiling the whole duration of my shower.

It got me thinking of the simple things that we often take for granted, when Dot does little things like this for me, it really does show me how much she is thinking of me. It makes me realize how even the barest scent of her on a shirt she left here can turn a bad day into a better one, or how when I call her at work, she lowers her voice so her employees don’t hear her say “I love you, sir” in the office she’d get no end of grief and yet she makes that effort.

It’s not all whips, rope, crawling, and prostration folks, sometimes all it takes to realize that they are yours completely is a  full water glass.

I love that woman more and more every day.

Regards and enjoy the remainder of your weekend.





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