This Too Shall Pass.

It’s been a long week, and probably going to be a longer few weeks still. My little fae had an employee who was finished as of Wednesday this week so because of that in a small department she not only has her duties as a supervisor, but she is doing his job until they hire a replacement as well.

On top of those two sets of duties, the HR department has seen fit to schedule interviews at all hours of the day…. Dot usually starts at 4:30 PM and works until 1AM, however for example, during the interview process she could have interviews from 12PM onward.

I am less than impressed with this, and I know she is as well, BUT that’s the way things are I suppose.

We both know our time is going to be limited together until both the hiring and training process is over, which doesn’t really make it easier but at least we have some sort of an end to this in sight.

My biggest issue with this, is that as her sir, I’ve been working hard to help her achieve certain goals, physical fitness wise, and trying to help improve her sleep. For me, her sleep is a big issue. We’ve both been forms of insomniacs over the years, and for Dot getting 6 hours straight is a major accomplishment.

Through exercise, supplementation, and straight out conversation and hard work, we have gotten to a point where her sleep is MUCH better than the four hours sleep, up for two/three hours and back to sleep for four more. During times of higher stress, and obligations all of that goes out the window.

I suppose I need to do some thinking as to how we can address this, if at all.

From my Side of things, I have to be patient. This too shall pass, I have to remember there’s always an end in sight. It’s hard for me, as we get so little time as is, even though my little fae makes as much time as possible. There’s always Check-in’s while she’s at work, talking over google talk, and our before work coffee’s. With her holiday’s coming up quickly as well, there will be enough time, and things will be back to as “normal” as we get.

For those of you that live with your Sub/Little/Significant other – at this moment I envy you.

Just remember – value every moment you get, no matter how short the time may be, I do.






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