Ironic Controversy

I’m often a student of human nature, I like finding out what makes people tick. I read incessantly, I want to discover the human experience, here on WordPress I put things out, sometimes people respond, some times they don’t, no big deal, this is largely for my little fae and I, if other people take something out of it that’s fantastic.

Fetlife is another story. I cross post to fetlife things I put here that are relevant, and every once in a while I write something original for there. I do notice a trend with it though…. with the people I have on my FL friendslist I rarely get interaction unless I’m being inflammatory or opinionated. Even in a few FB groups I have that are lifestyle related, unless I point out something I see as stupid, or god forbid tell the 50 shades crowd I’m a sadist, then shit goes crazy.

I understand that fostering communication is good, by being that person to question and step outside what is the popular opinion can make people really think, I play devils advocate with my little fae all the time, and she with me. It helps us to fully dissect and analyze and maybe approach something in a way we normally wouldn’t.

I tend to post things on Fet that are sometimes educational, some times personal, and other times just a random thought. In turn, I read many many things on fet, and if something resonates with me, I throw it a like, no matter what it is. A story, a musing, an inflammatory statement… All of them have merit and are things we should inform the reader SOMETHING resonated with us, not just when we disagree.

I realize I’m being a bit Ironic by posting something that is controversial about people only responding to controversial posts… however it’s a trend I’ve noticed in the BDSM/Kink arena which follows into Vanilla life.  I do truly think that if we only respond to controversy in the end we will completely remove the lighter and happier part of what makes our community a human experience.






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