The Three Fold Rule – Community Version.

I talked at length about energy exchange in a D/s dynamic, and how important it is to get back what you put in and vice versa. 

Today I’d like to address this again, but on a larger scale.

As a D/s couple, my little fae and I are a cohesive unit, we are close enough that we are on the same page 95% of the time. As such we are a reflection of one another, from actions, to words, to dress, and how we both interact with the D/s and kink community at large. There is very little, if any separation between our D/s life, and our “vanilla” selves.

So, with various things that have been happening to us lately, We as a couple have had to reevaluate some of our energy output.

As a couple in our community we have invested our energy into growing our local group, and this is going to be our primary focus, we want to put in effort and get something back…we may take time to talk, or organize, or offer to be someones safe call. All we have asked in return is a return investment back into the community we are trying to grow.

That is something I think we all need to realize. We’re not all going to get along, we’re all not going to be “besties”, hell we might not even like each other, but from now on THIS D/s couple will reciprocate what we are shown. Wasting positive energy on people who can’t or won’t return it, is toxic. Both for us, and the community we are helping to grow.

In your local community you are a sum total of who you are as a D or s type, how you are seen as a couple, and what you put into the pool of “experiences” – that includes everything from knowledge, to Well wishes and good Vibes.

Quite frankly if you can’t supply either, what the hell are you doing creating a toxic environment for others.

No one owes you anything, and justification for the way you live your dynamic isn’t worth being spiteful. The three fold rule still applies here.

Sorry for the Rant folks – it’s been a long couple of days.





2 responses to “The Three Fold Rule – Community Version.

  1. Unfortunately, that’s a common theme in the BDSM world. My husband and I have organised things in the past, but you end up having to draw a line for yourself. People take and complain, but they also give and support. The important thing is to figure out where your line is, and identify the people you want to keep around. I hear you though, it can be draining.

    • Indeed, these last few days have been one big Cluster…. My little fae and I are very low drama sorts… just need to find an equilibrium… we have a couple of very dear friends that deserve and have earned the energy we put in, just a matter of being patient and not putting too much out there for people that won’t (don’t) give back to the community. 🙂 Thank you for reading 🙂

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