My Little Fae.

This is the first lifestyle related post on this subject, and one I never really thought about writing until my little fae mentioned it the other day, I have to admit it had never even crossed my mind to write (again) on why I call my slave My Little Fae. It has been a part of our lives for almost as far back as we have been a couple, and the meaning has evolved with our relationship over time.


As I mentioned in my origin post our journey exploded out of the gate, and in retrospect I knew it was going to be a different experience than anything I had ever had in my life. She was the anti-thesis of everything that had come before. Kind, patient, and caring, she saw something in me that at that point I didn’t even see in myself, Dominance.

I don’t remember exactly when I started calling her by that name, but I do remember why. Despite what history, folklore and some current sources would have us believe, I see the Fae-folk as something that embodies a magic and light that is hidden or rare in all of us.

When our (then vanilla) relationship began I found myself awed at the immediate strength of it, she was caring, responsive and would communicate with me… All things I had no frame of reference for in a relationship, at the risk of over romanticizing – She was showing me a whole new world I never thought existed.

As we Progressed in our relationship and the organic TPE evolved “my little fae” has taken on a whole additional meaning – As my slave she constantly finds ways to open my mind, show me new things, and by guiding her, learning more about this new world I have been introduced to.

I have taken more than a few days to write this. I started Monday, and it is now Thursday… I keep thinking that by coming back to it, I can add or explain something. Truth be told I can’t – it’s so hard to put in words exactly what my little fae means to me as her Master, friend and lover, hopefully this small explanation at least sheds some light on it. For now I will simply let our journey together speak for itself, and how I view her.

I may not be a “traditional” Master, but thanks to my little fae, I am one that is never alone, and will always have my best friend with me.






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