This is My Life Now.

“This is My life now.”

I said those words half Jokingly to my little fae the other day returning from a play party we attended in the big(ger) city east of us… Not so sadly this is a complete truth and honestly, I am ok (and maybe better than ok) with it.

As I have mentioned before, I am relatively new to the Kink Community – for years we were a Private and solitary D/s (now M/s) couple. As we started getting active and eventually taking a place as organizers alongside another couple in our local community, We became aware of events hosted in our neighboring city, and by people in that city in other locations closer to home. I have talked at length about what a positive experience MaST was for U/us , along with the Kinky Camping weekend I talked about briefly in another previous post.

Now the kinky camping weekend(FFG) is where the heavy shit started to hit me, and this past month became a whirlwind of learning, new experiences and self-growth for me.

What to say about FFG ? 4 days of workshops, demo’s and getting to know new people…. The slightly shocking part for me basically happened right off the hop, the headline presenter was set to do 4 workshops over the weekend and started off the first night with an… Active demo of Cock sucking and face fucking – I should point out, said presenter is a leather dyke… that in and of itself is new, throw in her  and her slave demonstrating technique on a strap on (over underwear) and that about set the tone for the weekend. There were workshops on Sadism (playing on the darkside) electro and Fire play demos, water boarding demo’s and all sorts of things that were 100% new to me. Including a dungeon – W/we didn’t play, but we watched, and it was my first foray into seeing (many) public scenes. The entire weekend was life changing for me, a justification of what I have been doing as a D-type up until now, and I made Friends I consider lifelong. Processing all of the new information, and experiences was difficult at first, my brain was sluggish and still trying to cope with all of the stimuli, however I am one of those lucky people that can adapt quickly.  Truth be told, even adapting to the nude friendly environment was tough for me…. up until now, except for porn, nudity was something I was only familiar with, with my partners behind closed doors, it was hard not to stare at some of the gorgeous women, but I do have the ability to concentrate very hard on someone’s face if need be, which probably saved me a time or two.

FFG was not only a stampede of firsts for me as well, it was a series of firsts for my little fae and I too. We (she) spent that whole weekend “test-driving” being a slave over being a submissive, and we found that it was easy, manageable and as a result have made it official that we are now an M/s dynamic – as nothing much changed from one to the other, The growth of this dynamic will eventually become another post (or 10) I am sure.  We also had our first blood play scene which left some AMAZING marks, which leads me to another first – because of the sex/body positive environment I was comfortable for the first time showing off my little fae and her marks which included the entirety of her back, and ass. I am a private person so doing this for me was a huge step – however I would say I’m over that (more later), I was absolutely beaming at how proud I was to both show off some of my sadistic work, as well as show off my beautiful little fae to people…. I felt very Liberated and happy to do so.

With FFG over the latter part of the next week was spent with a vanilla friend who travelled about 36 hours to come see us, we did touristy stuff, took him out for some Local Canadian food (seriously why does the rest of the world not have poutine?) and on the Thursday he set off back down to Texas. On the Saturday of that week we were again off to the larger city to the east for a MaST meeting.

The MaST meeting itself ended up being just a get together and chat meeting, and it was nice to sit and talk with other TPE couples in a relaxed and non-topical driven setting . it was here that one of the leaders of the MaST chapter (Rand) said innocently enough “Glad you two made it out, but now you  know you have to come back out next weekend, right ?”, uhm why ? “we’re having a get together and we would love it if you could come, we have a room you can crash in too!” . Thus began my (our) next  set of new experiences.

As you have likely guessed, the get together was a play party.

If FFG was a shock, it was tempered by the fact that most of the play, scenes, and going’s on were sometimes at a distance, and because of that I had a buffer of sorts, it was easy to get “air” if I needed it to process.  I’ll admit, when my thick Ukrainian head finally realized this was our first play party invite I got a touch nervous, not knowing what to expect.  Off to the City we went again the next weekend.

The play party started off vanilla enough, sitting around their fire pit and talking with a few of the people, two of which we had met and gotten to know fairly well at FFG, and from the interaction there and at MaST, She (we’ll call her B) was obviously very very interested in my little fae.  While sitting around the fire and visiting B came over to chat with my little fae and I, and  for a time I had two very beautiful women sitting at my feet…. I admit, it was unexpected, and yet I felt at ease, and oddly content to be able to listen to the ladies chat while I surfed into and out of conversations, and talked with them both as well.

As the Fire wound down, we all headed inside, and got settled… Rand, his Wife/sbumissive (A) and his babygirl (J) offered up a bedroom and we stashed our gear and headed down to the party.  I’ll spare most the details for the sake of anonymity, but shortly after the Rules for the play party were given, my little fae excused herself and went upstairs to our room, she returned wearing nothing but her Collar and a Shirt that was long enough to cover her – barely, Needless to say I approved. She took her place at my feet and we talked with some people watched a bit of play, and again I was saved by my ability to focus on people’s faces.  After a short while, B found us and she (in Garter/stockings and small panties) informed my little fae that she was over dressed. My little fae looked at me, and I knew she was inquiring as to whether or not I was comfortable with her getting completely naked.  I looked from her to B, and as I did B dropped to her knees and Begged me. I let her stay there on her knees for a few minutes, and truth be told, I was enjoying every second of it. I thought about it very very hard in those few seconds, was I comfortable showing off my property ? Why not ? we’re in a group of people that I feel a connection with, my little fae is drop dead gorgeous, and I am very proud of her for the work she has put in to improve her body type, so fuck it. I pulled her shirt off her and B almost squealed and clapped.

As the night wore on, we watched some (more) play, talked about kink, BDSM, and other things, and then from out of nowhere the female half  of a pair of kinksters  we had met (who was wearing nothing but a pair of panties) exclaims “I haven’t put my face in your tits yet!” to my little fae… again my little fae looked to me for permission, and the other lady did as well. Again, I thought about it – I know my little fae likes women, always has (she’s technically had more Girlfriends than I have), and the determining factor – we have been keeping an eye out for a Female to join us in a triad. In a way this was a low commitment one off  situation that would give me a chance to see if I could deal with it, So I gave my permission. There was No Contact below the Navel, and I was behind my little fae holding her while she played, within seconds B had realized that there was space, and she joined the other woman. I’ll stop there for hope my blog doesn’t become weighed down with sex, rather than the thought process associated with it. I will say – I was More than ok with it, it was fucking hot.

The night ended and the local guests headed home, W/we however stayed up for a few hours more talking with Rand and A, J having gone to bed. I cannot stress how amazing of a hosts these two were, in the morning before we left, A even cooked us omelets before they’d see us out the door.   You don’t see hospitality like we were shown often and so I must say I more than appreciated it.

“This is my life now”.

I have to say that I am ok with everything that has transpired in this amazing month, I know things are just getting started for me in an “out in the community” sense. I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention that a large part of this is due to the type of woman my slave is, she understands that this is all new to me, it is her “normal” and she wishes it to be mine, but understands my needs well enough that everything that transpires has to be at my pace, whatever that is.

I am looking forward to more of these experiences, educational opportunities, and just plain fun… Without gushing I can say that I wouldn’t change a moment of the last month, it has opened my eyes to so much that I need to learn, adjust to, and overcome to become comfortable with where I want U/us to go.

“This is my Life now” and I can’t wait to experience more.  Thank you my little fae for the past month, and being the good girl you are.






One response to “This is My Life Now.

  1. If I could “LOVE” this post Sir, I would. It has been been an exciting month for U/us both – and definitely cannot wait for more to experience with You. I love You.

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