Random thoughts – beginnings of a rant

“The Gift of Submission”

“Know why you submit to Me as I lay claim apon you….”

The two above quotes, are examples of the type of thing I hear daily… From internet rhetoric to romanticizing the position of a dominant (2nd quote is a direct copy/paste from a writing, yes i know its spelled Upon). There’s a lot of bullshit that floats around on a daily basis out there.

We never talk about the gift of dominance, ever notice that? If the masses of 50 shades housewives and armchair Dominants are to be believed, then inherently
submission is more valuable because it is “given freely as a gift”…. Well I hate to break it to you, but I don’t “Dom” someone without a damn good reason, Sure I’ll top, or be your Sadist (maybe). But for me to bestow the Gift of Dominance upon a worthy submissive I must know that she is pure as the driven snow, with an upstanding public persona, who in private is willing to let her hair down. She must become a ravening sex-starved, cock hungry, cum dumpster, willing to do everything I say as it leaves my lips and not question me, for my gift is dominance and it must not be questioned, or rebuffed.

Do you see how ridiculous that sounds ?

Similarly – the laying claim horse shit and other overly romantic notions of the Marquis de Sade, and his historical brethren – you’re all fucking deluding yourselves. Dom’s – be your version of a dominant, don’t be a Christian Grey, or the Marquis de Sade, or Lestat the vampire or whatever other internet personality you might be emulating. Sub’s, don’t get disappointed when you can’t find these Ideal archetypes (but don’t settle either).

Life is not perfect, BDSM is not perfect, but be real, be genuine.

If you’re becoming something you’re not, in an effort to get a submissive, or pussy  or the adoration of doe-eyed submissives everywhere….then you’re just being one of the posers I have nothing but scorn for.


A few Random thoughts that may later coalesce into a bigger post.







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