Changes and Progress.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. – George Bernard Shaw.

It has been an interesting two weeks or so since I wrote here last, and rather than Write the post I had mentioned on Hetero Leather that I promised, I thought I should instead update you on a few major changes in the lives of Syn and Dot.

So, As I mentioned I used to be a smoker – and since about the Middle of June I’ve been vaping instead… for me, it’s a harm reduction alternative and still allows me to keep a vice, as I don’t drink anymore or any of that other stuff from my misspent youth. I’ve been Cigarette free almost 4 months, and learning as much as I could about vaping from online sources regarding the units themselves, tanks and juice.

Recently a store opened here that sells vapes, and accessories – I used to frequent the stores of the same brand in the larger city we travel to for MaST as well, so when I noticed it had opened here, my little fae and I stopped in. In the course of conversation with the store manager he off-handedly mentioned that they were looking to hire some full time people.  So later the next week I dropped off my Resume, had my First and second interviews within 2 days of each other and was hired almost instantly.

Up until now I have been living off smart investments, and a modest rental revenue, certainly taking care of my basic needs, but not allowing me to get ahead. So now with this, I’ve taken a step out of repetitiveness and decided to move forward.

Because of this my little fae and I have been getting much less time together, as I am now essentially working 9 to 5 and she starts work at 4 PM until around 1:30 AM.  We will probably take a while to adjust to this, and it will be compounded by the vacation that we will have  together starting this Friday – A full week together! we’re going to be spoiled by each other’s company. We still have Saturdays and Sundays together – and all though I have made it a point to inform work I need at least one Saturday off a month (for MaST, as it is a necessity as a support system and relationship builder for us), I will still have to work some Saturdays as well.   We will manage and get that dealt with eventually in terms of time for U/us as well.

As a TPE couple we now have a mutual goal in sight, moving in together (eventually) – my little fae has also taken some steps to move forward as well (spurred by my choice to do so) and it means big changes and opening of possibilities for us. She recently took steps to move forward with her divorce, which for me is a huge relief (that aspect of her life which encompasses kids as well, was a hard limit so I would voice an opinion, but not exert influence.), For me it gives me a light at the end of this tunnel and pushes me to -want- to do more than exist, we have a plan and a possible long term future to strive for and achieve.

As we are moving forward for us, as in all things, communication, compromise and doing what is right for both of us to have our needs met, is going to be the path to success.  We had a talk as well regarding certain things we can do as a TPE couple to smooth over this change in our routine, and she will now be given a small task for each day of the week (from me) to replace the time we would have had coffee together, so that not only is she going to be doing daily household tasks for me, but it will benefit her by cutting down the amount of work she has on weekends so we may have more time together.  I will still be checking in with her at work every night, and I will be messaging her in the mornings before i go to work, so that she knows I am there if needed. I have also decided to cave and Purchase a smart phone for texting and another method of keeping in contact.

It should be an interesting few weeks for us, and I will do my best to post when I have free time, but it may be spotty for the next while, and so for that, I apologize.