Naps, and Sanity

This has been an incredibly long week, I am in the midst of a 50 hour workweek, and praying for the bosses to hire another person to give myself and the other full-timer a break.

On the bright side, my little fae is coming over to nap tonight.

I love our naps, we don’t see each other during the week at all, Google talk conversations and the daily phone call to check in on her at work are it. We get so little time on the weekends as well that these naps help to keep me sane. It amazes me how much I miss her when she is gone.  I have missed being able to play more consistently as well, on the weekends as much as I want to “play” largely we just end up having Animalistic and Primal sex, which is AMAZING – but I would love to be able to play as well.

Just a quick hiya, and checking in…

Now, off to Finish eating and relax a bit before bed.




State of the Syn Address.

It’s been a Hectic week, and one that has some lifestyle related stuff, however this is going to be a pretty general “this is my Life at the moment” kinda post.

Well, we got to play, finally. It was amazing to finally have the time to do so – Sensory deprivation and needle play – My beautiful little fae responded well and as a result is now sporting some lovely marks down the front of her body from both the needle “butttons” on her breasts, along with my name lightly carved down her belly on both sides…. it had been too long, but the play time itself was incredible.

Also, I recieved a Quasi-promotion at work along with one other, we are going to be stepping up into essentially co-store manager positions (while still answering to the general manager), As our GM is stepping back into more of a consultant role due to severe health issues, with this comes a raise, more responsibilities and new things to learn, do and be accountable for. I got home less than 20 minutes ago after meeting with our operations manager from another city to discuss things we can and cannot do regarding the store, inventory etc… over all it has been an awesome week for me job/career wise.

After all of this happened and things were done, I received a Facebook message from someone I went to high school with and a year Prior had given some information regarding Paleo eating and where to go for information…. his progress is amazing I must say – 40lbs down and 4inches on his waist…. he messaged and thanked me profusely, along with (and I take this with a grain of salt) thanking me for saving his life. I was stunned speechless and very pleased to have made such an impact on him.

Through all of this, I can’t even begin to describe how amazing my little fae has been. She is my support system, my sounding board, my conscience, and my logic. She’s helped me slow down and think, weigh the pro’s and cons, been my throttle when I needed it, and been of more help than I could have ever asked. Good Girl is not enough to describe what she has been to me lately, and always.

I must say, I am beyond amazed at how well life is going at the moment, there are of course things that could be better, but on a whole I am a Pretty happy guy right now.



Syn, Alive and (kinda) Kicking.

My little fae just sent me a message from work: “you haven’t been Writing.”

and I haven’t.

There’s a few reasons for this.

Notably, and lifestyle or not, I really don’t think I’m that interesting…. maybe in some random voyeuristic way to someone, but on a whole I’m pretty fucking boring, lol. Secondly Life has been, well, Life as of late.

With my little fae and I working opposite shifts our time together is incredibly limited. I get home, I message Dot, Call her at our check in time, I eat, watch some Netflix and go to bed to get up and go to work for another 8 hours.

We still make U/us time on the weekends and I suppose for now, that will suffice…. The lack of playtime is disappointing, but at the very least the sex is Fan-fucking-tastic. MAsT meetings in the neighboring city, along with play parties, and reconnecting with old friends also fill our time.

I am very much looking forward to the time when Dot and I find a Place to call ours. I miss her terribly when she is gone, and that is odd for me – when I was in my other Long Term Relationships, I was scrambling for as much time away as I could get…. with her, I want MORE.


Just a quick update from the world of Syn, I hope you’re all well. 🙂