Syn, Alive and (kinda) Kicking.

My little fae just sent me a message from work: “you haven’t been Writing.”

and I haven’t.

There’s a few reasons for this.

Notably, and lifestyle or not, I really don’t think I’m that interesting…. maybe in some random voyeuristic way to someone, but on a whole I’m pretty fucking boring, lol. Secondly Life has been, well, Life as of late.

With my little fae and I working opposite shifts our time together is incredibly limited. I get home, I message Dot, Call her at our check in time, I eat, watch some Netflix and go to bed to get up and go to work for another 8 hours.

We still make U/us time on the weekends and I suppose for now, that will suffice…. The lack of playtime is disappointing, but at the very least the sex is Fan-fucking-tastic. MAsT meetings in the neighboring city, along with play parties, and reconnecting with old friends also fill our time.

I am very much looking forward to the time when Dot and I find a Place to call ours. I miss her terribly when she is gone, and that is odd for me – when I was in my other Long Term Relationships, I was scrambling for as much time away as I could get…. with her, I want MORE.


Just a quick update from the world of Syn, I hope you’re all well. 🙂







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