Naps, and Sanity

This has been an incredibly long week, I am in the midst of a 50 hour workweek, and praying for the bosses to hire another person to give myself and the other full-timer a break.

On the bright side, my little fae is coming over to nap tonight.

I love our naps, we don’t see each other during the week at all, Google talk conversations and the daily phone call to check in on her at work are it. We get so little time on the weekends as well that these naps help to keep me sane. It amazes me how much I miss her when she is gone.  I have missed being able to play more consistently as well, on the weekends as much as I want to “play” largely we just end up having Animalistic and Primal sex, which is AMAZING – but I would love to be able to play as well.

Just a quick hiya, and checking in…

Now, off to Finish eating and relax a bit before bed.





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