We Need Them on Board.

As a Master, I have quite a few rules that I expect my slave to follow, some of them are hard, and she doesn’t like them, but she does it because she loves me. Other rules are easy and natural to us. Some of her rules are counter-intuitive to the slave mindset.

One of these particular rules springs to mind due to a fellow Masters current situation – he and his girls also happen to be among some of the closest friends we have, and they have opened their house and hospitality to us numerous times when we visit their city.

My little fae’s rule is this – You are to take care of me, that means everything, including looking out for my health, and speaking up if Sir’s choice is not exactly in the best interests of keeping him healthy.

Most D-types, and some S-types might see this as an indication that I have no place being a Master, Dom or any other D-type if I don’t have ALL my shit in order – and for those people I have two words: Fuck you. We’re all human, creatures of comfort and impulse – if we were all 100% perfect all the time what a boring existence this would be.  I digress.

Dot follows this directive quite well, and in offering her opinion, still does so respectfully and with my best interests at heart, 99% of the time I listen since I value her judgement and opinion.

With that, she also supports my choices 100% and is always on board to join me in whatever I choose. When we met, she was a vegetarian, who I slowly converted to the meat-side – and when I went Paleo she jumped in with both feet to support me, and as such we have both benefited.

As a D-type, we need the support and involvement of our S-types even when sometimes we don’t ask. Anticipatory service is part and parcel of what I consider to be a good S-type, and what better way to anticipate the needs of your D-type than to join them in their journey – be that Diet, exercise, or (non-kink) lifestyle choices.

As D-types, sometimes we need to put on our Dom-pants and drag them along for purely selfish reasons because WE NEED THEM. I don’t think it is out of the realm of reason to even tell them that (*gasp!*) it doesn’t affect your dominance, in fact it might even reinforce it.

“The healthy and strong individual is the one who asks for help when he needs it. Whether he’s got an abscess on his knee or in his soul.” -Rona Barrett

Just some food for thought.






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