Scattered thoughts, and Focused Memories.

The last few days have been hectic, it’s not something I can talk about just yet in depth, as it is not my story to tell… however I can tell you that I spent most of the night reflecting on a very specific pair of events from my past.

Quite often I see people saying as D-types we are always D-types, and this is certainly true – however I think a point that is missed is that we’re also human beings, and so are our S-types. Some times you have to be content that they need you to just shut your gob, listen and be a friend first, and a D-type second.

I suppose, now that I have thought about it, D-type and Friend are pretty much intertwined, D-types have to be many different things at many different times, making us what we are and who we are in the process.

Saturday after I get off work, we’re heading into the city for a play party at our out of town family’s house, and it will be good for us I think, to get away and have some fun – between work and life My little fae and I haven’t had a lot of time together where we aren’t watching the clock constantly to meet some appointment, obligation or getting to work.

I realize my thoughts are jumbled, but I pray to the goddess that by the weekend, for better or worse this rough couple of days will be over and done.




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