Family, Leather, and Unicorn Mounted Leprechauns.

Well, this week has definitely started off better than last – My little fae and I took some U/us time and went to the neighboring city on the weekend, however it was just for a shopping trip, we desperately needed the time together, and time we got. We spent the night after I got off work, travelling to the city and time with our family there – Crepe’s were had, deep conversations, and not so deep conversations alike.

Our family sought out our advice on a few things, we talked, we discussed and I am deeply proud and honored to be trusted with giving advice that hopefully helped them A/all.  The pertinent parts of this have been left vague, because it isn’t my story to tell, but I hope that they will be alright – They’re family, and I love them.

The next day was spent  with just the two of us, we did some shopping – got some shorts and shirts. My little fae has the responsibility of helping me with wardrobe choices, I’m horrible at picking and/or shopping for myself. So we spent the day, Breakfast, Shopping and just generally being together, away from everything.  It not only really helped me relax and forget for a bit about my bell’s palsy, but it was beyond incredible to be able to reconnect with my little fae too. We get so little time as is, that every moment is something more precious than I can measure.

When we were pretty much done at the mall, on a whim, we made one last stop at Danier leather. We don’t have many options for leather gear in our city, so we always love stopping in to browse. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted, and something on a sale rack immediately caught my eye. I had finally found a men’s leather vest I loved the looks of. Being broad in the chest generally makes it hard to shop for myself, and I usually take an XXL shirt, so I don’t Rip it apart when I move my arms forward or backward. I was a touch Dismayed when I saw that the only one left was a 3Xl, however (while only a touch long) fit perfectly in the shoulders. I immediately asked them to set it aside for later purchase while we continued browsing.

My little fae came across a jacket she loved as well, a gorgeous tan suede biker jacket that looked amazing on her. I knew from the second I saw her try it on I was going to buy it for her. She’s stubborn though, and I knew she loved it, and I was waiting to see if she’d pull the trigger on buying it herself.  I don’t get to treat her much to expensive things, and honestly – to me this leather was mine to give her. She has more than earned leather from me – both as my Slave, and as my soulmate. I think I made a Good choice in doing so, and I cannot wait to see her in it, it looks fucking amazing on her.

With our shopping done, home we headed.

Our Trips to and from the city are always filled with conversation – point/counterpoint, and sometimes one of us playing devil’s advocate, just to get the other thinking about something in a different light.

Our Topic of choice (or at least majority) on the way home turned to Polyamory, and our search for a third…. not in the usual sense though – it was more of a “what role DO you want” in the triad…and how we’d Like to see it in an Ideal setting (yes, yes, I know, let it come naturally however it plays out). One question I did ask of my little fae, as i was generally curious, is how she used to find prospective partners when she was poly.  I learned a little bit about her thoughts on it, and it got me to thinking.

An organically grown(?) triad is going to work best for us. Yes we are open to the idea, but not actively searching – I jokingly said: “We’re not going on a goddamn dating site or something like that either!”. We both know I was saying iot just for the sake of saying it, and neither of us has ANY intention of finding our third that way.

However, as I was processing this, I remembered reading about another, and their search for their unicorn – it has been quite a few months for them, and multiple interviews; Still no luck.

So, I have been thinking – with our situation being as it is, in a VERY small city – do we become more aggressive in seeking out our unicorn ? and my More aggressive, I mean – change our fet profiles to reflect that goal, even subtly ? Or just continue on in our little Cloistered community and hope she falls into our laps ? S-types are rare here, Female bi-sexual switches who are single, might as well be a leprechaun mounted atop a unicorn with rainbow sparkles.

So, with all that – tomorrow it is back to the grind, I have had a day off, and feel semi-rested. We have MaST: TPE and Polyamory coming up two weekends from now, and I am sure that will raise even MORE questions from me… and definitely a few more blog posts….



Clothes Make the Dom…Assuming you can find them.

So, My little fae and I have decided that we’re going to “The Ball”, this is an event held in a larger city 2 hours away from us every 2 months. It’s a lifestyle get together, by their own description it is a large ” fetish cultural event” basically a way for us all to get together and discuss all things kink.


I’m looking forward to going, and I know my little fae is in a way as well….However this event has brought to light a small issue I didn’t even know I had that has carried over from vanilla life.


What the hell am I going to wear and why the hell is it so hard to find men’s clothing ?

The Ball has a strictly enforced fetish dress code….you can go dressed in vanilla clothing but the price for entry would double (A voyeur fee as the call it), I have no problem with this as I want to be able to express my kinks, likes and dislikes through clothing choice. Now Dom’s can and largely do get away with wearing a suit… pretty standard “dom wear”…. for me this is difficult to accept, ANYONE can wear a suit, it’s finding a well tailored one for less than 500$ a pop that’s a problem. I don’t have a 500$ tailored suit. So that’s out for me. The next and likely choice for me would be a Kilt, and I found a nice PVC one for about 60$ U.S. I like kilts, never owned one, but they are most certainly a fetish….My Little Fae goes moist over them, and loves the Idea of me in one. I’m ok with this, but I am not sure for me….I’m different than most in my Dom identity I think, and would like to be able to portray that with my Fetish clothing choice.

Dot Recently Ordered an absolutely gorgeous corset/skirt combo for about 30 bucks online, it’s going to look stunning with her collar, leash and ankle and wrist cuffs. I want something just as spectacular, I want to find something unique to ME, so I started looking online. Finding Male Dom Oriented Fetish wear that won’t force you to mortgage your house, sell a kidney, or donate sperm is hard. Blue Jean cut faux leather pants 150 to 200$, faux leather vest, and button down shirts 100$, Black boots (with thick sole) 95$ and up. Add international shipping onto that and you have a pretty hefty bill.

On top of that, actually FINDING the stuff is difficult at best, I’ve found a few stores online but searching for Gothic clothing, but narrowing it down to something I’d actually wear  further complicates things. I found some excellent stores in Germany and the UK, but again, international shipping and prices aren’t realistic, and quite a few of those stores specialize in leather family gear, and the like.

I suppose I have some time to search more for what I’d like, it’s just frustrating. So I’ll continue looking, I have a kilt/shirt ensemble picked out, but that is standard fare for A lot of men at the ball, it would be nice if I could find something semi unique to my style, that would do justice to the gorgeous woman I will have on my arm/end of my leash.

Just kinda needed to vent, BUT if anyone has any store/website recommendations please, share in the comments, or even to tell me I worry too much 😉